Founded in March 2013, Spark Therapeutics is a Biotechnology company committed to discovering, developing, and delivering gene therapies. Their innovative scientific platform and programs are pioneering in the industry and necessitate nothing but the best and most creative people in their workplace. Moreover, since their inception Spark Therapeutics has achieved many breakthroughs and the size of their workforce has grown to over 700 team members.

The Challenge

Spark Therapeutics faced a difficult task of filling job roles that required highly specialized technology resources. Their internal human resources department was unsuccessful in identifying and bringing in newly qualified employees
possessing the unique set of skills and expertise needed to build their Data Analytics practice.

The Solution

WC3 meet with all stakeholders at Spark Therapeutics to assess the required qualifications quickly and accurately. WC3 then proceeded to mine its large network of diverse IT professionals and found a select group of individuals that exceeded Spark’s requirements. After submission and selection of the right candidates, Spark contracted with WC3 to fill positions within the Data Analytics practice and maintained this relationship for other technology positions of need.

The Results

Spark Therapeutics has achieved their operational and strategic objectives within their Data Analytics teams and currently still employ several individuals provided by WC3.

About Worldwide Computing Consulting Corporation (Wc3)

WC3 was established in 2007. WC3 is a technology solutions and management consulting company that provides managed IT services, cyber security, cloud computing, technology staffing data engineering and analytics. We also specialize in the following solutions and activities: the realities (virtual, augmented, mixed), web business solutions, mobile app development, business intelligence, digital workplace, and healthcare practice management and workflow applications.