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Offering immersive experiences to clients, customers and visitors that can extend the digital adventures of your audience. From safety training to medical appointments to online education, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality are changing the way customers connect to brands, products, and services around the world.

Augmented Reality that Bridges the Gap Between Imagination and Real-World Imagery

Augmented reality amplifies real world objects and video content. Our AR developers transform data into enhanced views of the real world. This could include digital effects for movies or virtual museum tours. AR games, sales videos and software also provide immersive experiences for users in finance, retail, real estate, and healthcare.

Virtual Reality Allows Users to Navigate a Realistic Digital World

VR technology provides enhanced learning experiences for new employees and students. You can use VR to present realistic scenarios that engage employees. Make learning interactive when you combine classroom learning with the realistic sensory input available with virtual reality applications.

VR technology submerges your learners into new environments, while reducing risk and enabling deep learning. These immersive experiences facilitate learning by providing in-demand access to other worlds such as the deep ocean or inside of a volcano.

Subject your trainees to hazardous environments for on-the-job training without the danger. Let your sales team practice sales pitches to testing clients, or teach a new mechanic how to tune an engine without added liability.

Virtual reality delivers all these scenarios and more with a URL, headset or helmet, and a connected device.

Mixed Reality Services that Enhance Entertainment and Learning

Mixed Reality is extreme form of AR. It layers real-life imagery with digital objects. For example, the automotive industry sometimes uses Mixed Reality to explain how engines and other systems work. Over the years, our developers have created characters for animation layered over explainer videos and scientific content. The results are enhanced learning experiences.

Which Technology Would Work best for Your Needs?

Mixed reality can help train surgeons to master new processes without putting a patient at risk. To do this, a developer might incorporate video of a real procedure, such as the removal of a cancerous tumor. To enhance the learning experience further, surgeons can practice cutting on a realistic prosthetic.

All of these technologies also have their place in making online shopping easier for customers. Customers can zoom in on products, see 360-degree views of products, and match clothing and furniture with pictures of themselves or their home.

Are you ready to find out more about our VR/AR/MR services? Tell us what you need, and we can enhance your online classroom, virtual patient consultations, real estate showings, and an infinite number of other applications. Simply fill out our online form with your contact information, and we’ll get back to you quickly to discuss the next steps.

Virtual Reality (VR) transposes us to a different world altogether by providing an immersive and convincing experience of anything, anywhere, anytime.

  • WC3 engineers are pioneering Virtual Reality (VR) technology, by working closely with the leaders in education and training, e-commerce and many other industries in the USA and India. Our engineers offer VR services and developing cutting-edge VR applications to help businesses reduce simulation costs and to develop a unique digital experience for their employees and customers.
  • Experience a unique real-world look and feel experience with WC3’s innovative VR Services & Apps.
  • We at WC3 are a leading VR app development company leveraging VR and 3D simulation technologies to create advanced interactive, appealing, and immersive products for facilitating education and training. We offer VR services and applications with the best levels of realism, picture quality and performance required for a completely immersive and future proof VR experience.
  • With our extensive expertise in integrating high potential verticals, WC3 proficiently builds the unique VR technology which brings an ideal solution for your new-age business. With a remarkable surge in the VR industry for the past few years, many new-age businesses have shifted to the VR services and applications to represent their business.
  • WC3 has a big team of highly experienced designers and developers completely dedicated to developing the virtual and intelligent identity for the company. Being a leading VR app development company, we specialize in developing unique VR applications with the advanced framework which is efficiently developed for all the latest devices.

Our advanced Augmented Reality offering adds computer vision and object recognition, enabling user interaction with real world objects to explore the surrounding environment.

  • WC3 concentrates on resourcefully appealing the on-the-go user with the best Augmented Reality (AR) services and applications, which is one of the most up-to-date digital transformation trends motivating uniqueness in major business industries presently.
  • WC3’s feature-rich services enhance and delivers on the promising potential of AR Technology.
  • In this era in which technology is both predominant and easily accessible for everyone, WC3’s goal through the realities is to revolutionize the way we work, interact, entertain, edify and systematize our lives. This is possible because WC3’s engineers have extensive experience and success in one the best AR app development countries in the world, India.
  • Our AR services merge the real world with computer graphics delivering the best immersive experiences, real-time data anywhere and anytime with less hardware and human resource dependencies.

Our team of highly experienced and committed tech-savvy professionals always maintain a keen eye towards identifying and adapting the never-ending possibilities of AR technology into various business industries.  Some of the benefits gained by these industries are dynamic visual signals within staging experiences, location-based technology, annotation of real-time pictures of physical objects and customizable choices, all of which can lead to the establishment of use cases for customers.

Mixed Reality is an advanced form of AR, where overlays of information are placed on existing reality. The physical and digital objects co-exist and interact to merge real and virtual worlds together producing new environments and visualizations.

  • WC3’s leading Mixed Reality (MR) Services empower individuals to build, educate, and collaborate more successfully by capturing and merging digital information within the context of their work environment and the world.
  • We can also help you collect rich data about physical environments, including the individuals and things in them, through advanced sensor technology. With this technology we transport your employees or customers to the center of an immersive business solution.  This is an amazingly responsive form of business data that is fully protected.
  • The steps for creating a MR digital experience are to scan and map the physical environment that a person is in to create graphical images that can be communicated with by human motions. Then through a head-mounted wearable display, an incredible experience is delivered that blends the best of both the physical and digital worlds.
  • Our MR solutions are applicable in various industries, such as Retail and Manufacturing. They provide exceptional access to information which can be utilized to revolutionize each feature of products and services offered by improving visibility and engagement. As an innovative MR shop, WC3 specializes in offering highly customized and forward-looking apps and solutions that can lead businesses to the next generation in communications and customer engagements.