Almost every pharmaceutical company has embraced the digital transformation, which made storing confidential data into the cloud and switching to mobile apps for improved customer and business interaction easy. At WC3, we offer advanced life sciences IT services and solutions to pharmaceutical companies that would help them accelerate drug discovery, enhance clinical trial effectiveness, and cut the time to promote new drugs.

We help pharmaceutical companies throughout Pennsylvania easily leverage the power of new computing, analytics, and IT service solutions without making any compromises on security or performance, to attain global growth and improve compliance.

Services and Solutions

Cloud Computing

Our cloud computing service enables pharmaceutical companies to store vital data in a global network, which they can easily access from anywhere in the world and through any device. This further allows the companies to operate more efficiently where they are, rather than staying in their office to access specific data.

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Unified Communications

WC3 specializes in offering Unified Communications as a Service for the pharmaceutical companies and is an intelligent and scalable approach to deliver integrated communications services. We make it easier for people to connect, communicate and work together by surmounting geographical, communication device and user-accessibility hurdles.

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Predictive Analytics and AI

Pharmaceutical companies are adopting more resourceful and automated processes that integrate data-driven decisions and utilize predictive analytics tools. Our Predictive Analytics and AI solutions help companies find hidden patterns and collect insights from huge amounts of data that can’t be fetched manually.

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Business Intelligence

Increased challenges in the pharmaceutical industry indicate that the companies must stay ahead of their competitors. At WC3, our Business Intelligence services help pharmaceutical companies generate in-depth analytical reports, graphics dashboards and unlimited user access in just a few minutes.  With all this massive pool of information integrated from multiple sources, pharmaceutical companies can work more efficiently, optimize their competitive edge and increase profits.

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Managed IT

Cyber Security

Pharmaceutical companies are experiencing a major digital transformation and loads of their valuable data gets stored online, which makes them prone to cyber attacks. With our managed IT services, WC3 helps you address your key security concerns and offers an effective and open IT ecosystem that protects confidential applications, data and devices.

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Database Support and Maintenance

Successful IT management in a very methodical life sciences industry demands a dedicated and highly skilled team to make sure that the system is working 24×7, 365 days for business. WC3 is specialized to maintain, support and ensure that your company’s system is working 24×7 and stay compliant with all the regulatory standards.

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Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Pharmaceutical companies usually deal with highly sensitive and confidential data like data sets from clinical trials, electronic health records (EHR) and advanced research findings and cannot lose this important data to disasters and infrastructure failures. Our fully-managed data backup and disaster recovery services allow you to restore important applications and data and maintain the SLAs created based on your unique company needs.

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IT Support

As a specialized IT support provider, WC3 solve your regulatory queries and assist your pharmaceutical company get compliant with the local needs on the national and global markets. We offer it all from strategy, designing and installation to IT processes, safety, and documentation. At WC3, we make sure that your IT systems are reliable and compliant while allowing you to gain competitive benefits from its efficient use and the latest technologies.

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Outsourced CIO/CTO Services

At WC3, we work as an outsourced CIO or CTO for your pharmaceutical company to keep your technology powered up and functioning smoothly always. We offer the expected service standards and attention-to-detail as a full- time IT department in your company. Building a deep wealth of business knowledge our CIOs/CTOs take on new leadership responsibilities, manage changing business mandates and handle complex technology transformations.

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Device as a Service (DaaS)

At WC3, Device as a Service (DaaS) offers pharmaceutical companies a cost-efficient and a one-stop solution to source and manage their personal computers, laptops, software needs and storage solutions, along with 24×7 services. This cuts capital expenditure and the operating costs for companies. Our Device as a Service(DaaS) allows pharmaceutical companies to re-allocate IT budgets and skills to better areas of operations like digitization of services and innovation.


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