Our solution for day-to-day patient care activities with coordinated patient record maintenance, better appointment scheduling, improved patient visit experience with definable queues, optimized physician & resource planning, and facilitated billing services.

  • Schedule patient appointments with optimized care provider availability settings.
  • Attend to patient visits using a process-driven work queue.
  • Manage post-visit activities on a dashboard with a time-sensitive view.
  • Enter billing sheet data and related information through self-guiding user interface.
  • Plan physician and staff availability through resource scheduling.

Patient Administration

Our intuitive service provides you with organized management of patient data and information with the ability to verify insurance eligibility on-demand, notify patients with their healthcare activities, capture and manage important notes with alert capabilities.

  • Maintain a comprehensive demographics information.
  • Record multiple addresses and contacts.
  • Manage guarantor relationships.
  • Identify primary/secondary care providers.
  • Enter multiple payment methods with priority selection.
  • Verify eligibility on-demand.
  • Link employer information for payment responsibility.
  • View patient care history.

Key Features

  • Use advanced record-search capabilities with smart search.
  • Open multiple records (without opening and closing, one record at a time).
  • Open related records with smart links.
  • Manage documents with integrated Document Management service.
  • Customize “Notes” with alerts, notifications, and reminders.
  • View record activities with real-time log entries.

Document Management

Our advanced service gives you control and organization of documents originating from electronic or imaged paper-based forms, templates, letters, and others which includes content management, storage indexing, secure role-based access, and quick retrieval.

  • Convert and store paper-based forms to electronic documents.
  • Use custom forms for documentation workflow.
  • Send/receive electronic documents via email or fax.
  • Link documents to specific records.

Technology Stack