We do this within five key solution areas

Database Support and Maintenance

Management of database library to maintain functionality and maximize its value throughout the organization.

Dashboard and Data Visualization

Reorganize large or small datasets into a visually compelling user interface to improve the quality of data-driven decision making.

Support Tools

Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Qlikview, and Cognos.

Data Mining and Modeling

Identify relevant patterns or relationships within datasets and build data models that can predict future patterns.

Predictive Analytics/AI

Incorporate AI techniques, such as Machine Learning, into automation processes to enhance the efficiency of your predictive analytics.

Our Data Engineers and Data Scientists specialize in providing data insights, visualization and advanced analytics that help in improving your business outcomes through data-driven decisions.

Quality Engineering and Assurance

WC3 QE/QA Assurance teams let you hand over complex integrations with diverse business processes, technology platforms, partners and channels.

Our QE/QA teams also offer you a broad spectrum of quality engineering options to pick from, without increasing your operating budget.

WC3 Support Model Consists of

Onsite Support

All of WC3’s resources can provide long-term onsite and on-premise support.

Offshore Support

All client work and support is done through WC3’s partnered Near Shore and Offshore centers.

Onsite/Offsite Hybrid

Client work is supported by WC3’s resources that are present at the client site and at WC3’s partnered Offshore Development Centers.