PracticeSquire is one of our answers for today’s unique challenges in healthcare. Its a reliable and efficient auto assistant that addresses

The inconvenience on patients towards providing pre-registration information for benefits verification either in person or on the phone.

The increase in benefits verification errors due to updates or changes in carrier eligibility criteria.

The impact COVID-19 has on care delivery.


A Contact-Less Self Check-in & Registration Solution that transforms paper-based patient intake process into a streamlined paperless service. It facilitates the collection of demographics, insurance information, and upfront payments through a self-guided app, which includes electronic signatures on HIPAA-compliant documents, and real-time insurance verification at the point-of-service.

PracticeSquire PCOM

Solution is used prior to visit day and can be operated through patient smart devices

Pre-visit Appointment Check-in

Facilitate the check-in process, in advance, by sending the web link within the message sent via email or SMS from any device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop) at the convenience of home, office, or on the road to capture:

Demographics information using an image capture option that retrieves data from identification Cards (government-issued).

Health insurance information using an image capture option that retrieves data from Insurance Cards (provider-issued).

Appointment Follow-up

Send messages and receive responses via email or SMS related to:

Appointment schedule confirmations for new or rescheduled.

Appointment schedule reminders – receive response back with “Confirm” or “Cancel” for existing appointments.

Insurance Verification

The app submits insurance verification requests using the collected insurance information to health insurance providers.

This feature returns a response from the health insurance provider, identifying the coverage as “Active” or “Inactive”. In most cases, it retums coverage amounts, identifying patient financial responsibility prior to the actual patient visit.

Secure Online Payment

Process payments through the “Auto Collect” feature, which sends a friendly reminder via email or SMS as an Outstanding Balance Reminder with option to receive “Payment” via online credit card payment processing.

This feature eliminates interaction with a live person from requesting and obtaining credit card information, verifying payment approval over the phone, and conducting conversation about any outstanding balances.

PracticeSquire Kiosk

To check-in patients on the day of the visit with touch enabled tablet devices

Integration with existing PM /EMR systems

KIOSK has been integrated to many PMEMR systems. Patient appointment information automatically extracted from practice Management system. The information captured by KIOSK including high resolution copies of front and back of both Insurance and Driver License cards, All documents with eSignatures transferred and placed in patient record of source system.

Contactless Patient Check-in

Follow simple self-guided instructions to complete patient registration and check-in process using touchscreen devices.

Using ID Tray, KIOSK captures information from Driver’s License & Insurance Card and automatically extracts the demographics & insurance information using advanced OCR and Machine learning.

KIOSK prefills required HIPAA forms to capture eSignature. Credit card readers can be used for payment processing. Kiosk is ADA compliant & Available in various sizes and mounting options.

Realtime Insurance Eligibility Verfication

ML/Al powered OCR engine extracts the subscriber and payer Information from patient insurance cards to verify coverage.

Connects to multiple clearing houses in real time to verify patient insurance coverage, benefit information.

Eliminates the tedious process for the Staff currently obtaining benefits over the phone.

Automated Collections

Collect Co-Pay securely via Credit Card.

KIOSK identifies the patient’s financial responsibility using Real Time benefit verification information and Co-Pay/Deductible listed on the patient insurance card, collects the patient’s obligation of Co-Pay by processing the patient’s Credit Card or Debit Card and obtains approval.

PracticeSquire can be configured to send reminders and collect the past outstanding balance. Helps to minimize conversation with the front office about a patient’s outstanding balance from prior visits.

PracticeSquire PCOM API

To integrate patient intake solutions including AI powered OCR solutions into your applications directly

Capture only Insurance Card image from noisy image

Image capture made simple using Rest APl/SDK that comes with two different ways of capturing the image. In both methods the file format checker and byte level signature security checks performed for security.

Client side image crop method uses Azure CDN URL that uses the computing power of end user device and runs on client side to capture, crop the target card and renders reduce size and optimized image Server side image crop method offers Rest APl that can take raw image and return optimized image after running thru Al model in back end.

Extract Insurance Information from Card

Using Rest APl from your application, pass the front and back of the insurance card to receive the critical data elements including Subscriber ID, Group ID, Insurance Payer Name, Payer ID from Insurance cards in real time.

API Identify accurate clearing house electronic Payer lD

Electronic Payer ID is not always available on some Insurance cards. The PracticeSquire team curated a proprietary payer database and a combination of Al classification algorithms identify the Electronic Insurance Payer ID. This added step is performed as part of the Rest APl Card OCR request to provide additional information that many OCR solutions cannot provide.

PracticeSquire PCOM API Verify insurance coverage and benefits in real-time

After detecting the insurance data elements from the card, the same Rest APl can also be used for validating the insurance coverage and benefits in real-time. Insurance benefit validation Rest APl may also be as stand alone without passing the insurance card images.

PracticeSquire meets COVID-19 requirement for social distancing by minimizing contact between patient and front office staff.

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