WC3 offers Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) which is a cloud-based service to optimize operations and digitally transform your business.

No matter the size of the organization or industry, all businesses are essentially technology companies. So, to remain competitive, incorporating innovative technologies is necessary to remain competitive. Technologies like Voice Over IP (VoIP) and other collaboration solutions continue to drive the evolution of enterprise communications.

Benefits of Unified Communications

  • Scalable User Model: Multi-Tenant model allows seamless addition of users with predictable costs.
  • Cost Effective: Its an operational expense so upfront capital investment is not required. Also with elimination of Per-User and Per-Device carrier models, costs are reduced and billing is streamlined across all locations globally.
  • Remote Work Empowerment: UCaaS supports today’s need for flexible remote and mobile work options for employees.
  • Maximum Security: Cloud-based technology minimizes security risk and assures business continuity.
  • Scalable Service Model: With UCaaS, scaling functionality can be as simple as checking a box allowing you to stay on top of new technology and easily incorporating them into existing applications.
  • Dedicated Support: UCaaS solutions are hosted on the cloud, and WC3 will provide an independent support staff to help solve any IT issues 24/7 both on-shore and off-shore. This frees up on-site support staff to support other critical and strategic business needs.
  • Disaster Recovery: WC3 offers UCaaS with built-in redundances and remote accessibility to protect mission-critical data in the event of a disaster or outage event. Bundle UCaaS with our Disaster Recover plans to ensure restoration of data and business continuity.

WC3’s UCaaS will empower your organization to provide a consistent user experience across any device, at any location that both your employees and customers can benefit from.