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Application Performance Management

AppDynamics APM is widely used among the world’s leading enterprises as a tool that links app performance and customer experience to business outcomes.

Key Features

Flow Maps

Visualizations generated when app agents installed on your application runtime report to AppDynamics.

Reports are generated that map logical and technical flow of data and traffic throughout the distributed environment.

AppDynamics continuously discovers and maps business transactions, services, backends, etc., in your application architecture.

Alerts and Baselines

Alerts and baselines are automatically created to establish a historical normal and compares against actual for baseline reading.

Enable threshold monitoring and alerting against AppDynamic’s baselining which is dynamic, meaning it updates itself over time to capture new normal baselines.

Transaction Snapshot

Encapsulate business transactions with diagnostic data derived from all servers it has passed.

AppDynamics maintains a low resource overhead even though diagnosis is always ongoing, as deep- level diagnosis is only triggered when performance issues are detected.

Key Benefits


  • Get real-time, end-to-end management capable of handling the most complex and distributed applications.
  • Shift focus on priorities with features like application mapping, dynamic baselining, and code level diagnostics.

End User Monitoring

  • Ensure user interaction is seamless and automatically capture metrics like errors, crashes, network requests, and page load details, etc.
  • Apply synthetic monitoring agents to establish performance baselines and benchmark the competition.

Infrastructure Visibility

  • Utilize server and database performance visibility to ensure your application performance is fully supported by infrastructure.
  • Drill down to business transactions to troubleshoot server, database, and network issues before they affect the customer.

Business Monitoring

  • Gain clear and actionable insights into the links between customer experience quality with your applications to bottom line results.
  • Identify new opportunities to improve app performance outcomes and drive customer loyalty.

Digital Transformation

AppDynamics Provides You with Support in Every Step of Digital Technology and Innovation Adoption.

Cloud Migration: an end-to-end view of every application, hybrid cloud infrastructure element, or network function that your business depends on.

  • Speed up and streamline migration with real-time performance monitoring to mitigate risks and enable your teams to focus on business critical KPI’s.
  • Validate cloud investment with pre- and post-migration business performance metrics.
  • Baseline every application, end user experience and key infrastructure metric for insights that will guide planning, prioritization, and cloud infrastructure sizing.
  • Utilize AppDynamics flow mapping to get full visibility into every application and dependency to spot user experience issues immediately.
  • Utilize AI root cause analysis and anomaly detection to prevent tech issues from disrupting your migration process.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Cisco Internight Workload Optimizer and Cisco Cloud Center to ensure cloud resource allocation always meets user experience needs.
  • Analyze the technical and business success of your migration to the cloud with AppDyanmics Business IQ.

Cloud Native Monitoring: Cloud application performance in real-time with solutions for most popular enterprise cloud-native services, including AWS, Azure, GCP, and Open Shift Monitoring.

  • Deliver deep value for your business with real time insights into cloud native deployments with Cloud Native Visualization functionalities.
  • Within hybrid and native cloud environments leverage powerful monitoring tools as your ecosystem enlarges.
  • Decrease time-to-resolution across any environment with advanced AI-powered root cause analysis and accurate contextual alerts.
  • Support innovative initiatives by monitoring your cloud native environments to quickly resolve issues caused by microservice architectures and new cloud native technologies to your enterprise.

Serverless Monitoring: Benefit from a highly scalable serverless application functions.

  • Leverage a single unified observability platform to gain full visibility of application performance from the end-user to the back-end.
  • Modernize your applications for the cloud by integrating cloud-native services such as serverless and containers.
  • AppDynamics is the only application monitoring solution that can drill down to an applications line of code, right out of the box.
  • Optimize infrastructure visibility to better trace transactions, detect anomalies, and solve problems through an advanced AI/ML based Cognition Engine.

Microservices: Implement greater operational and organizational efficiency with baseline and measurements across microservices and containers.

  • Track and isolate specific microservice-related issues without affecting the entire distributed business transaction that uses it.
  • Utilize AI/ML driving Cognition Engine to drill down and isolate root cause of any microservice performance issue across any platform.
  • Track applications as far as the third-party ISP or SaaS platform with AppDyanmics + ThousandEyes network monitoring.
  • Analyze microservice metrics on Docker and Kubernetes to view and connect performance between containers on the underlying host for fast and agile deployment.

AppDynamics + ThousandEyes

ThousandEyes Digital Experience Monitoring and Internet Visibility, coupled with AppDynamics Application Performance Management (APM) is a winning combination that ensures complete application service delivery and minimal downtime.

The combined solution provides end-to-end visibility of all data center, cloud, and hybrid applications generating insights into where internet and network issues are impacting application performance. It’s a comprehensive solution providing a single source of facts for external and internal issues before users are impacted.

Get End to End Visibility

See performance from external user to the internet to cloud and data center.

Leverage global vantage points to gain real-world visibility.

Monitor and link application performance with internet, cloud, and API issues.

Optimize Digital Experience

Gain understanding of how cloud, SaaS and API services impact digital experiences.

Implement proactive monitoring while maintaining level of APM and app diagnosing and tracing.

Minimize Triage Time

AppDynamics and Thousand Eyes combined provide greater visibility for root cause insight reducing MTTR.

Combined its an insightful and collaborative solution for network, app, and ops teams to reach consensus.

Enhance capabilities towards identifying and countering external and internal issues so users are not impacted.

As a Cisco Partner, WC3 constultants can help you with AppDynamics solutions to achive your digital transformation goals and improve and-user experiences.