Biotechnology is a fast-growing industry that spans several fields, such as agriculture, alternative energy, environmental science, and most notably medicine. Along with this growth is the continued emergence of Information Technology (IT) due to its ability to directly impact mission critical outcomes. For example, the development of gene therapy treatments necessitates the analysis of a vast amount of data that is constantly supported by an advanced and secure IT infrastructure. At WC3, offer advanced life sciences IT services and solutions to biotechnology companies that would help them manage sensitive data and information bound by strict compliance requirements while preserving intellectual properties from security threats and breaches.

We help biotechnology companies throughout Pennsylvania to easily leverage the power of new computing, analytics, and IT service solutions without making any compromises on security or performance, to improve laboratory services and quality of diagnostics while achieving mission critical goals.

Services and Solutions

Predictive Analytics and AI

WC3’s data engineers and data scientists specialize in providing data insights, visualization and advanced analytics that help in improving your business outcomes through data-driven decisions. Innovations like AI powered techniques, such as Machine Learning, into automation processes to enhance the efficiency of your predictive analytics.

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Cloud Computing

WC3 consultants provide guidance on cloud solutions that will ensure seamless integration with your IT environment. Cloud Computing offers many advantages to the Biotechnology industry, such as expanding the scope of research development, procedures, and outcomes.

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Business Intelligence

WC3’s Data Engineers and Data Scientists are experts in research design and are disciples of math and statistics. They can support your research efforts through advanced statistical techniques that employ data exploration, data modeling, dashboard reporting, and predictive analytics.

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Cyber Security

As a Manage IT Services provider, WC3 offers state-of-art solutions that identify and reduce security vulnerabilities. Some of these solutions are remote monitoring and management (RMM), data loss prevention, and advanced endpoint protection and updates.

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The pandemic has created the need for Biotechnology labs to innovate and incorporate virtualized collaborative procedures and methods towards conducting trails and advancing R&D. WC3 provides unique VR and 3D simulation technologies as an ideal solution to the new-age Biotechnology Lab.

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Unified Communications

WC3 offers Unified Communication solutions as a cloud-based service that streamlines network communications both internally and externally. These flexible, and scalable communication solutions enable Biotechnology labs to analyze, and share information remotely securely.

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Managed IT

Database Support and Maintenance

WC3’s Data Engineers can manage your database library to ensure functionality is maintained and its value is maximized throughout the organization. We provide 24x7x365 database support to enable and support digital transformation on a large scale.

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Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

WC3 will strategize with your teams towards developing a proactive Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) in case of a disaster or a significant event. The DRP will contain responsive contingencies for business continuity and other recovery measures to ensure your IT infrastructure is protected.

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Device as a Service (DaaS)

WC3’s DaaS solutions is a full ecosystem solution that not only allows you to replace and upgrade hardware in a cost-effective manner but also involves consultation to ensure that vital supportive technologies are identified and recommended, such as software and apps.

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Outsourced CIO/CTO Services

WC3’s Managed IT Services allows your business to fully or partially outsource its IT department. This reduces total cost of ownership (TCO), facilitates cross-divisional agility, expands security capabilities, and enables internal teams to focus more time on core business.

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IT Support

WC3 offers both offshore and unlimited USA based Help Desk IT support 24x7x365-day. Our team of technicians can remotely service your digital and telephony infrastructure or can escalate a response to an On-Site visit when necessary. Our team is committed to improving uptime and your peace of mind.


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