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Our IT consultants will review the assessment results and guide you through identifying the latest solutions for remediation and how to deploy them.

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WC3 has provided IT consulting services and products since 2007 and is proud of our reputation as the trusted IT advisor within the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Our Technology Assessment will identify, analyze, and prioritize vulnerabilities in real-time across your IT landscape.

  • All assets Identified throughout your entire IT ecosystem,
  • CIS benchmarks leveraged to detect vulnerabilities and critical misconfigurations per asset.
  • A risk detection engine backed by machine learning to assess critical threats.

The assessment will provide a detailed technical reportthat reviews the following.

  • Asset Discovery & Inventory & Categorization
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Mobile Device Vulnerability Assessment
  • Configuration & Certificate Assessment
  • And much more.

Our IT Consultant will drastically expand your organization’s technological and operational capabilities while maintaining the reliability of your team’s performance. We are committed to giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your business is safe and protected from unnecessary downtime.

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