In early 2017, Comcast sought to track the performance of their digital marketing campaigns. The strategy behind their digital-first approach was to track and monitor targeted populations to mitigate subscriber service downgrades and cancellations due to expiring promotions for Cable TV, Internet, and Telephone packages.

The Challenge

As cable television and traditional phone cord cutting continues to rise. Comcast wants to leverage different marketing offers to push subscribers into more cost-effective promotional packages for Cable TV, Internet, and Telephone service. There is an understanding that there will be a certain percentage of the subscriber base that will always cancel service once the promotion expires however, with careful and intentional marketing messaging, the number of cancellations and downgrades can be minimized.

The Solution

Over a period of 9 months, many data points were used to track subscriber behavior on expiring promotions. Careful consideration was given to demographics, service package, promotion length, and price point thresholds. All of this was achieved through a detailed process of complex SQL, R, and BASH scripting from multiple data sources, data mapping, and ETL processing. Machine learning algorithms were also utilized to train data sets, predict user behaviors, and simulate expected outcomes from marketing input variables.

The Results Contact

By the end of 2017, the number of cancellations and downgrades of customers rolling off promotions month-over-month decreased from 21% down to a sustainable 13%. There was also a significant increase in the percentage of customers repackaging into cost effective promotions from 6% up to 12%. In essence, package cancellations decreased by a third, while retention through repackaging doubled as a direct result of the increased marketing communication and accurate tracking of user behavior over a period of time compared to baseline.

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